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Founded in 2013, Seven Results is a Salesforce partner based in New York City that specializes in Salesforce implementation consulting. We are a small boutique firm that works one-on-one with clients regarding the technical and nontechnical aspects of their business. Each and every client is important to us. Our mission is to allow all types of businesses get the most of their investment in Saleforce.


Why Us?

Seven Results is a woman-owned business. More than Salesforce consultants, we think of ourselves as partners and advisors. We enjoy getting to know our clients, their business and values. We pride ourselves on maintaining long term business relationships with our clients as their companies evolve and grow.


  • We are a team of innovators that enhance and build Salesforce systems to fit out client's business, to maximize their return on innovation and to be successful.


  • Every business has unique problems. We customize Salesforce solutions to our client's organization by providing critical, real-world insight and advice that is effective.

  • We work with a wide-range of industries, such as healthcare, publishing, technology, and more.


  • Seven Results has been a Salesforce Partner since 2013.

  • Our team owns multiple certifications and has well-rounded expertise across multiple industries.

  • We work with all different types of Salesforce products and are able to integrate with other platforms.

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